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Sonac 6 is actually done now probably

Posted by Darren - April 14th, 2021

I've finished adding all the characters (including the one and only Tom Fulp, and a certain red-haired friend of his) and likely all the features and medals to Sonac 6 now, for those who were waiting for everything to be in to play, or played an early version that didn't have as much in it. If you don't like the game, I recommend playing as Tom so you can have the catharsis of blamming it.

I was kinda disappointed to release the game with as little as it had at the start, but I wasn't sure how to do everything in Unity yet and hadn't used the Newgrounds.io API before, so it was a compromise on posting in time for April Fools day vs launching with all its content. Tried to make up for it by shoving in more characters than I planned to put in this time around. Should have broken my rule about never starting a Sonac game more than a week before April 1st, but live and learn. Anyway, aside from letting people know it's finished finished, the other point of this post is for comments and suggestions. If there's something broken in the game, something you're having trouble with, or something you really feel needs to be added, etc, you can leave it here. Can't guarantee that I'll change much about the game at this point, but I feel like having this post for it works better than trying to talk to people through reviews.

Also, for a couple common Sonac questions I get:

Q: Will there be a Sonac 7?

A: I have no idea. I often think the one I'm making will be the last one until a certain idea or mood hits me at the right time. Last year I was sick in the week before April 1st so I didn't make one, this year Friday Night Funkin's insane popularity gave me a stupid idea and I made one.

Q: When will the next Sonac come out?

A: If I do make another, they always come out April 1st or early April 2nd if I'm running behind. They are a special kind of garbage reserved only for April Fools times.



Comments (3)

can you put the Sonac 1-5 downloads?

Alright here ya go: https://tinyurl.com/sonacpack

@MegaTailsDollOfficia @Darren LOL RICKROLLED, but, i want to play thosse games! (to be real they are kinda funny on the YT gameplays!)

I assume you've already tried the Newgrounds Player and can't get it to work? Because that's currently the best (well, only) way to play them, and if you use that the medals should still work properly and everything. I think if I just gave you the files most of the games actually wouldn't function right now, because of how they're made to load and play through Newgrounds, I'd have to go back and fiddle with them. There are a lot of help threads on here on getting Newgrounds Player to work, so for now that's your best bet, but I'll let you know if I put up downloadable versions.

@MegaTailsDollOfficia @Darren @Darren oh ok, but they should fix the NG player!