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your waifu is trash

You should think about recording your singing and music separately. Your voice is really muffled.

The voice of a generation

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For fixing the difficulty, I'd recommend starting with a certain amount of power and having it decrease slowly over time, and quickly when you sprint. This forces the player to complete the level within a certain time frame and be even more careful with sprinting, rather than being able to drift around and gather as much power as they want.

There's also a big problem where if the purple enemies dash off screen you can't finish the level, so you have to start the whole game over. It happens more and more in later levels.

YZeeGames responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback. What do you think of implementing screen-shake?

The gameplay mechanics aren't a bad start, but I found the movement being controlled by shooting to be annoying. I'd really recommend switching to WASD or arrow keys instead. I'd also say the water blast needs to be a little better to be worth using. Other than those, just tighten up what you already have, start off with a smaller level and then have the player advance to harder and harder levels and you've got yourself a pretty good game.

MBelka responds:

Hello, thank you for your comment! I did play around with WASD controls while testing the game, however it really messed with how each gun felt and made the experience feel more flat. But, with all these comments I feel like I should have found a middle ground of some sort with WASD. I will greatly consider what I can do to make controls more friendly in the future! Also thanks for the tip on making smaller levels for the easier modes, that didn't occur to me for some reason.

Very cool concept and good execution, and I'd definitely recommend continuing this into a bigger game.
-Work on the collisions a little, because getting your corner stuck on a wall can be a little annoying.
-When you die, the bullets stay where they were when you died, which can be especially bad if you died in a really rough spot. Maybe respawn with any bullets you'd already collected (minus any you'd put in the holders).
-I think I broke the game a little while I was in the last level by getting killed by two of the green enemies at the same time. I respawned as two players.
-If you die while pulling a bullet toward you, it will continue going in that direction, which can make it end up in a far away dangerous corner.

ValettusGD responds:

Awesome, you found some issues that I hadn't noticed before. I was aware of the collision stuff, but hadn't thought much about your other points. Never ran into the two players bug before, lol. I'll certainly be tuning things if I continue on with this one. Thanks for the feedback!

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An artistic triumph.

Good stuff, Oney. Real good stuff.

Good, as usual

Another psyguy remix for me to favorite.

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